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September 2021 - Our First Get-Together

by The Horology Club 13 Jun 2022

Earlier this month, The Horology Club held its first ever public get together in Hong Kong. Watch collecting is so much more enjoyable with a community element and that is why these types of get together events are a great way for collectors to interact with each other, share their watch collections and even discover new pieces that they have never seen in the metal.

Part of the raison d’etre of The Horology Club is to gather, promote and build the watch collecting community in Hong Kong. A lot of people wear nice watches in Hong Kong, but you can’t always tell whether they are actually interested in collecting. By organising these events, we are hoping to be able to meet and interact with local watch collectors with diverse interests and collecting philosophies.

We appreciate the support that the local watch collecting community has given us by coming to our event and sharing their amazing watch collections, and we look forward to organising more watch events going forward.

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