Terms of service

Terms for buyers:​
  • The watches listed on our site are consigned by third party sellers who are often members of our club.
  • Photos can be provided by consignors directly. The Horology Club makes no representation as to the condition, authenticity and functionality of the products.
  • The Horology Club does not offer an escrow at this stage. We do not offer any warranties. returns or refunds. Such agreement will need to be made with the seller directly.
  • The Horology Club merely connects buyers to sellers directly and both sides should conduct full due diligence before transacting.

Terms for consignors:
  • The Horology Club does not owe any liability to anyone for the listings and advertisements.
  • The Horology Club has the right to edit and pull any listing from our site at our discretion.
  • The Consignor indemnifies The Horology Club for any loss due to lawsuit between buyer and consignor.
  • In the event where The Horology Club provides photography for the watch, The Horology Club will own the copyrights to any images or videos we take.