About Us

Who we are

The Horology Club is a Hong Kong-based horological enthusiast community for watch collectors of all level and niches. Founded by three passionate collectors who were trying to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, the objective of the club is to build an open and inclusive community of watch collectors with diverse tastes and collections, so that collectors can share with each other their passion, collections, and most importantly knowledge that they have gained along their journey.

What we do

We organise regular Get-Togethers and member-exclusive events for collectors to meet one another, and we also collaborate with selected brands to provide unique experiences for our community.

THC Creation

The Habring² for THC Erwin 'THC School Piece' is the ultimate celebration of the transformation of THC from a small group of enthusiast friends to an open and inclusive community of watch collectors based in Hong Kong.

How to join us

Simply create an account and sign up to our newsletter. We regularly send out invitations for new events and Get-Togethers, which you can RSVP to on our website. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.
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